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The Ancient Evangelical Future Conference is hosted every June by the Robert E. Webber Center at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Led by prominent Christian theologians and church leaders, AEFC Conferences are intended for pastors, scholars, students and lay leaders of all Christian traditions and denominations.

The goal of the AEFC Conference is to offer first-order theological reflection on issues having first-order ministry implications. Each Conference will consider a vital issue confronting the church today from the vantage point of Scripture and time-honored Christian tradition. How did the Fathers of the church – along with its Doctors and Reformers – think about and respond to these issues in their day? How can we critically retrieve and apply their wisdom in our context? These are the sorts of questions the AEFC Conferences will seek to address.

In its initial four years (2012-2016), AEF Conferences will be organized around Robert Webber’s “Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future,” with each conference focusing on one of the points of the Call. Two of these conferences, covering the first two points of the Call, have already been held. The remaining four, which will set our topics for the initial four years, are: the role of the Creeds, the nature of Christian worship, the need for catechetical Christian formation, and the call to holiness of life and mission.


To access video and audio recordings of past conferences, please click on the conference links above.