Click on the audio files below to listen to this year’s lectures.


Session 1 – David Yeago “Martin Luther’s Evangelical Retrieval of Medieval Wisdom


Session 1 – Panel response


Session 2 – Chris Armstrong “Reclaiming Our Abolished Humanity: Medieval Resources for Embodied Life


Session 2 – Panel response


Session 3 – Evan Howard “New Monastic Retrieval and reformation Evaluation: A few Reflections


Session 3 – Panel response


Public Lecture – Rod Dreher “Why the Church in America needs the Benedict Option


Session 4 – Kevin Hughes “Most Lowly: Simplicity, Poverty and Solidarity in the Franciscan Life


Session 4 – Panel response


Session 5 – Susan Phillips “Retrieving the Ancient Practice of Spiritual Direction in an Age of Self-Help


Session 5 – Panel response


Session 6 – Rod Dreher “Wonder Incarnate: Mont-Saint-Michel & the Benedict Option


Session 6 – Panel response