Mr. David Neff

The Canterbury Trail Revisited

AUDIO: AEF 2013 – David Neff


Dr. Christopher Hall

Evangelicals, the Bible, and the Need for Creed

AUDIO: AEF 2013 – Session 1 – Christopher Hall


The Rev. Dr. Peter Leithart

Revelation According to the Rules: Reading the Apocalypse with the Fathers

AUDIO: AEF 2013 – Session 2 – Peter Leithart


The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Hays

The Creed as Hermeneutical Lens for Reading Scripture – and Vice-Versa

AUDIO: AEF 2013 – Session 3 – Richard Hays


Dr. Marion Taylor

Forgotten ‘Angelic’ Anglican Readers of Scripture

AUDIO: AEF 2013 – Session 4 – Marion Taylor


Dr. David Yeago

Scripture and the Rule of Faith in the Lutheran Tradition

AUDIO: AEF 2013 – Session 5 – David Yeago


Other Audio Recordings:

AEF 2013 – Keynote Panel