Jesus-Way---DVD-CoverIn its initial resource project, the Robert E. Webber Center at Trinity School for Ministry has produced a video introduction to Christian discipleship based on the book The Jesus Way by The Rev. Dr. Peter Walker, professor of New Testament at Trinity School for Ministry. This book and video series are an excellent resource for introducing Christians and non-Christians alike to what it means to follow Jesus.





The six segments focus on the first six chapters of the book, which teach us to:

  • Enjoy Jesus’ Resurrection
  • Accept His Forgiveness
  • Welcome His Spirit
  • Feed on His Scriptures
  • Participate in His Meal
  • Bear Witness to His Reign

This six week series is perfect during Lent or Easter, but is also appropriate at any time.

Now available through the Trinity Bookstore:
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DVD only $25
DVD with 10 copies of The Jesus Way book $150 – SAVE $25 plus FREE domestic shipping!

***PLEASE NOTE: The Webber Center will complete video sessions for all 12 chapters of The Jesus Way during 2015. The DVD package and entire book should be available for purchase by Spring 2016.

The six segments from the second six chapters of the book focus on learning to:

  • Share with Jesus’ People
  • Worship His Majesty
  • Follow His Teaching
  • Live His Life
  • Resist His Enemy
  • Trust Him for the Future

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