The Anglican Agenda Series, written by Dr. J.I. Packer and other theologians, explores issues of faith and life especially important to the Anglican Christian tradition – though they are of use to Christians of all traditions. Each of the twenty-one booklets engages an important topic related to Christian faith and life. This series is ideal for study by an adult small group.

Taking Faith Seriously, by J I Packer

Taking Love Seriously, by Dawn McDonald and James Wagner

Taking the Anglican Communion Seriously, by Terry Buckle and Archie Pell

Taking our Future Seriously, by Paul Woehrle and Peter Klenner

Taking Evangelism Seriously, by David Edwards

Taking Repentance Seriously, by J I Packer

Taking Christian Unity Seriously, by J I Packer

Taking The Bible Seriously, by Lloyd Arnett

Taking The Church’s Year Seriously, by Norah Johnston

Taking Doctrine Seriously, by J I Packer

Taking Discipleship Seriously, by Timothy Ernst

Taking the Trinity Seriously, by Lloyd Arnett

Taking the Holy Spirit Seriously, by J I Packer

Taking Worship Seriously, Dr Archie Pell

Taking Christian Disciplines Seriously, by Peter Klenner

Taking Prayer Seriously, by Mike Stewart

Taking Fellowship Seriously, by Jim Salladin

Taking Church Seriously, by J I Packer

Taking Holy Communion Seriously, Brett Cane

Taking Marriage Seriously, Archie Pell

Taking Baptism Seriously, J I Packer

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